Fire Alarm systems

Every fire alarm system we install is completely customized to meet our customers needs as well as compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Security System

AVN Control offers a range of security systems such as infrared, photoelectric, and motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass break and shock sensors to prevent burglaries from entering your premises.

Access Control System

Our access control systems give you the power to monitor employees and visitors entering the building. This can be accomplished with card keys, PINs, mobile apps, and biometric data such as fingerprints.

CCTV cameras

Regardless of the size of your property our experts will make sure that it is secured with our CCTV Camera Systems. It will help you to monitor and record what happens on your property.

Audio/Video intercoms

The intercoms installed by AVN Control provide you audio or video information about visitors. Therefore,you can identify who is at your door and grant access to those who you want.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration can include intrusion detection, access control, CCTV cameras resulting in a security solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Wireless Solutions

AVN CONTROL can offer wireless solutions for fire alarm, life safety and security systems where wired solutions are not feasible or economically viable.

Contractors support

As a leading provider of security and protection property and people AVN CONTROL can help other business customers. With unparalleled industry experience, we can be sub - contracters.

AVN Control: Your Security is Our Priority

When it comes to security, everyone is entitled to have it. Regardless of your business or home size, you deserve to achieve a fully secured environment. In choosing the security company in Troy, New York, you have many security options here in AVN Control.

We specialize in providing outstanding residential and business security systems across New York. Our team offers incredible security system services which involve planning, installation, design, maintenance, and repairs.

What We Offer

With our expertise and experience, AVN Control can deliver unique yet specialized developed security solutions mainly on intercom systems, access controls, CCTV, video surveillance, alarm systems, security cameras, and many more.

Here are some of the security systems in Troy NY that we mostly offer;

Fire Alarms

In AVN Control, we value your safety from fire. As a business owner and homeowner, it is your full responsibility to make everyone safe from any risk of harm such as fire. Don’t wait for the moment that your property is already burned and you can’t save anything. By installing fire alarms, you can secure and be ahead of possible fire chaos.

Access Control System

With us, you can attain the highest type of security for your home or even business place. With this security system, you can minimize the potential risk of unauthorized access from unknown users. By installing an access control system, you can monitor and figure out who is bypassing your system’s information.


Nowadays, most companies and even households are already equipped with CCTV systems that enable them to monitor every act or movement within or even outside the premises. By having these systems, you can deter and track the potential risk of theft or vandalism. Footages from the CCTV can serve as relevant pieces of evidence against the criminals if they got caught. In AVN Control, we install outstanding brands and types of security cameras best for your home or business property.

Video and Audio Intercoms

Do you know that video and audio intercoms are useful security systems that can improve the security and the communication capability of your property?  We offer in-style and effective intercom systems that can aesthetically complement your space or home.

We also offer security system services for intrusion detection, smart automation, alarm systems, and video surveillance. Once our team assesses your home or business property, we can present suitable brands and types of security system products suitable for your security needs.

Why Choose AVN Control

Here are reasons why you should consider our company for your security needs;

We are Professional and Efficient

Out of the security system companies across the state, AVN Control can ensure that we are certified and professionally provide services in quality. We offer effective installation, maintenance, monitoring, and repair that can detect, deter and record all movements within the premises and outside part as well.

We offer up-to-date technology

In AVN Control, we offer sophisticated yet quality innovative products perfect for your needs. We primarily offer mounted proximity card readers, card swipers, fingerprint readers, and biometrics perfect for your home and business security needs.

Get the Best Security System Services Now!

In AVN Control, we will invest our time and knowledge to identify what security system is suitable for your home and business. We can offer the best access control which can give you a wide control of all security systems installed. It is a great investment as you can have real-time details which can be relevant to the security stability of your property.

Generally, AVN Control is primarily situated in Troy, New York, and equipped with the best team of professional technicians and installers right for the industry. We offer the best security solutions that can give you utmost security with the best quality.

For your security needs and upgrades, AVN Control is here at your service.


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