What are Access Control Systems?

Businesses can leverage Access Control Systems to manage physical and digital security within their buildings. These systems restrict access to specific areas and resources, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter or utilize them.

  • Physical Security: The system controls who can enter designated locations within the building.
  • Digital Security: It can also control access to resources like the internet, restricting use to authorized individuals.
  • Authentication Methods: Business owners often utilize biometrics for identification, such as fingerprints, access cards, or passwords.
  • Biometric Access Examples: A person can gain entry to a building by scanning their fingerprint. If the system verifies the fingerprint’s authenticity, access is granted. Other techniques such as face and/or voice recognition, iris scanning can be leveraged to identify a person and grant access.

Keycard readers

Provides convenience of use, requires posession of physical device for entry. 

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Easy to manage system that requires input of pre-defined set of keys to gain access.

Bometrics devices

Fingerprint readers, face recognition devices provide additional level of security to organizations seeking to use more robust biometric data to provide access to their physical assets.